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WEB EDITION PROPERTY RECORD CARDS:  If you are printing off web edition property record cards for an appeal - please note that our website MAY NOT show updated assessments for the current year values.  Assessments could get adjusted, and will not show on website till after the Board of Review closes in December.  If you want current assessments, you will need to either go on the site  for county at www.willcountysoa.com  or come in / or call our office for the information.  

Commercial & Industrial Questions
Most commercial and Industrial information is not located on our website. If you need square
footage or other information, please feel free to call our office. Anyone of our staff can answer
basic information such as square footage or sale information. If you need more detailed
information or talk about the assessments you may ask to speak to the Commercial & Industrial
staff person or the Assessor.   If the property record card you seek, you can call our office for
the request. If you are requesting more than two property cards, please call for an email address
 for the staff member who can handle the request for you.  We will email or fax the property
cards, or you may come into the office to pick up a hard copy.  

Many time problems can be cleared up at our local level without a formal appeal to the Board
of Review, so it is in your best interest to contact us first before filing.

If you have a vacancy issue, and it is during our reassessment time period, you may file a
Vacancy Affidavit with our office. The form must be notarized and can be sent by mail or e-mail
 to the Commercial & Industrial staff person or the Assessor. Please call our office for the email
to forward this information.

If you have an appraisal you would like our office to review. Please contact the office
(630) 759-1315 or email information@dupagetownshipassessor.com

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