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Freedom of Information Act

Name of Public Body:

Office of the Assessor, DuPage Township, Will County

FOIA Officer:
Jean Kelly, CIAO, Assessor

Deputy FOIA Officer:

Tammy Horak, CIAO-I, Chief Deputy Assessor

Submission of FOIA Request:

Written request in any format identifying either by name or content what data are sought.  Date of receipt of request is NOT Day 1; the business day following receipt is Day 1.  Forms are available in office.  Hours are 9-4.  Requests for information may be submitted by mail, personal delivery, fax, e-mail, or other means.  Response in 5 business days.

Purpose of Public Body: 

To list and assess all real estate within DuPage Township of Will County; to assist the Chief County Assessing Officer in listing and assessing all real estate in the township. 

Equalized Assessed Value:  
                2015:  2,985,639,759 (approximate)
                2014:  2,934,498,600 (approximate)

Annual Budget:
                (2013-2014):  $345,550
                (2014-2015):  $346,165

Number of Employees (excludes assessor)

  Full Time:         4

  Part Time:         2 


Public Body’s Web Site:


Public Body’s e-mail Address:

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